Clubhouse Comfort

Project details

This bright, comfortable neighborhood clubhouse refresh came just in time for residents and guests to enjoy it as COVID-19 restrictions were lifted. We chose pale, grey-blue walls that instantly transformed the entire look of the space–quite the change from its formerly gold walls! This color shaped the rest of the design process for Max Hugo as we complemented the walls with bright navy blues, soft pale blues, and taupe throughout the entire clubhouse. The entryway and party room feature new wood flooring with ultra-durable LVT and navy grass cloth accent walls. Dining chairs and barstools feature a combination of three fabrics to provide dimension, color, and texture. Updated for hosting and meeting, this space is designed to gather the community while withstanding lots of use for years to come!

Clubhouse Comfort

Designer Katherine Gianakos &

location Chapel Hill, NC (Chatham County)